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LED Therapy Instrument


Different Light Source for Your Option


Red Light:  Anti inflammatory and analgesic, promote wound and uclear healing, improve photoaging, promote hair growth

Blue Light:Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, eliminate acne

Yellow Light: Skin anti aging,promote tissue self-healing, sensitive skin treatment, anti-inflammatory after laser surgery

Red and Blue Ligt Combination:

1) Dermatology:herpes zoster, alopecia areata, lower limb uclear, pressure sore, etc

2) Surgery: wound infection, abscess, uclear, prostatitis, lumbar muscle strain, etc

3) Gynecology: promote postpartum wound healing, treatment of leukoplakia vulva, pruritus vulvae, chronic pelvic inflammation, etc

4) Internal medicine: infantile diarrhea, ischemic heart disease, chronic gastritis neuralgia, etc

5) Otolaryngology departmnet: chronic rhinitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis

6) Burn department: second degree burn, infection and surgical healing

Red and Yellow Light Combination: can be applied to dermatology for the treatment of eczema, allergic dermatitis, inflammatory skin, etc

Technical Advantages:

High density & high quality LED                                 ♦ Independent adjustment of pulse width interval

♦ 5 light source modules can be adjusted freely              ♦ 5 preset schemes can be stored

♦ Three wavelength integrated design                             ♦ Suitable for sitting and lying treatment

♦ Vientiane cantilevers hover freely                                ♦ Super long endurance working ability

♦ The output light intensity is adjustable from 0-100      ♦ Continuous wave and pulse mode

♦ 8 inches LCD touch screen                                           ♦ Real time statistics of light output times and time

Three wavelengths are shifted in one key

The large-area treatment light source module integrates red, blue and yellow LED chips. Click the screen light source type selection button to freely switch red light, blue light, yellow light, red blue light and red yellow light. There is no need to replace the light source module.



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