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Model KL-L Series IPL



Skin treatments: rosacea, erythema,chloasma, cutaneous discoloration,telangiectasia,non facial senile plaques,acne.

Vascular lesions: PWS, telangiectasia, hemangioma.

Pigmented lesions:freckles, keratosis, coffee and milk stains, blood iron, Beck nevus, Tada nevus, Ito nevus, pigmentation

Hair removal: golden/red hair, light brown hair, dark brown hair, black hair

Technical Parameters:

Model KL-L KL-L(N) KL-L(E)
Skin contact crystal Sapphire
Wavelength 420nm/515nm/560nm/590nm/615nm/640nm/695nm 420nm/515nm/560nm/590nm/615nm/640nm/695nm 560nm/695nm
Energy calibration Yes No No
Fluence 10~40J/cm2,Step by 1J/cm2 210J
Mode of pulse single pulse, double pulse, triple pulse
Pulse width 2~20ms, step by 0.5ms,can be set arbitray
Pulse interval 5~150ms
Frequency single, 0.5Hz,1Hz
Spot size 35mm*15mm/15mm*8mm
Skin Cooling mode Super cooling, cooling, stop cooling
Screen 15touch screen with Android system
System cooling water cooling and air cooling

Intelligent indentification of filters and safety filtering technology


The perfect application of OPT

Multipulse and independent control technology

The number of pulse can be selected, the pulse width and interval can be adjusted

Intelligent Software

Uniform energy and painless treatment


Humanized care design

Overlong continuous work


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