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JILIN PROVINCE KING LASER CO., LTD. is located in the nest of Chinese Optics—Changchun. King Laser was established in 2003. Now we have dozens of prominent experts who specialize in the fields of optics, precision mechanism and electronics. King Laser team are dedicated to pursuing Excellence, and concentrate on research of the application of laser technology to the medical field. We have developed Laser Therapy Instruments that can be applied into Cosmetology, Dermatology, Surgery, Otolaryngology, Stomatology, and Gynaecology. The price performance ratio is much higher than the imported laser instruments of the same kind. We currently occupy 40% of the total market share in China. Meanwhile, 30% of the products are exported to different countries worldwide. Now we have already been the most powerful supplier of medical laser therapy systems under the principle of “Oriented by people, led by technology”. All King Laser products hold independent intellectual property rights, and we have declared more than 10 patents. Now we have set up our R&D center, and our research covers laser technology, optical precision machinery, laser power supplies, mechanical and electronic integration, etc. The core components such as laser, laser power supply and control systems are developed by our own R&D center. We are the only enterprise in China that can manufacture all the components and spare parts needed in our laser systems. We were approved by ISO9001 and ISO13485. We also comply with the International Quality System requirement during the process of manufacturing and management. All the products manufactured by King Laser are approved by CFDA and some of products have passed CE & RoHS certification.