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Otolaryngology Laser Microsurgery Therapy System(Scanning)


The system consists of three major parts:model KL CO2 laser therapy instrument, operation microscope and the microscope adapter


By using of the vaporization, carbonization, solidification and irradiation effect of CO2 laser, the system is applied to the following diseases

pseudocyst of auricle, External ear papilloma, inferior turbinate hypertrophy, nasal scar adhesion, nasal polyp, nasal cavity angioma, choanal atresia, tonsillectomy, adenoidal hypertrophy, retropharyneal folliculosis, keratosis of pharynx, nasopharynx cancer, rhinopharyngocele, pharyngeal cancer, cyst of epiglottis, polyp of vocal cord, vocal nodules,the vocal cyst, papilloma of larynx, laryngeal hemangioma, laryngectomy, bilateralvocalcordparalysis, etc. 

Technical Parameters:

Laser wavelength:10.6µm

Max.output power: 20W in continuous mode, 7W in ultra pulse mode

Focal range:200mm-400mm

Output pattern:rectangle, square, oval, circle, straight line, arc

Patterns and Sizes Are Adjustable

Optional Microscope Adapter

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