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Model KL CO2 Laser Therapy Instrument



it is used for vaporization, cutting, excision, ablation and solidification of human soft tissue, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Technical Parameters:

Laser unit: Sealed-off intracavity CO2 laser tube, TEM00 output mode

Laser wavelength: 10.6µm

Transmission mode: 7 joints light conducting arm,  light loss less than 35%

Output mode:

Continuous, Single pulse, Repeat pulse and Super pulse four kinds of laser emission mode;

Output power

Continuous emission mode-0.3W, 0.5W, 0.8W, 1W-25W (step by1W);

Other emission modes-0.3W, 0.5W, 0.8W, 1W-15W (step by 1W);

Cooling system: closed inside circulating water cooling system

Aiming beam:

Red semiconductor laser, wavelength 650±10nm, power≤5mW

Dimensions(L×W×H):  360mm×320mm×1100 mm

Weight:  70Kg

Power supply: AC230V50Hz, 500VA






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