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Model KL-E 1550nm Fractional Laser Therapy Instrument



Remove the wrinkles on hand,neck,face(especially for circumoral and orbit wrinkle) and forehead,remove the stretch marks

remove acne and scar,especially for the acne scar, postoperative scar, frostbite scar

improve chloasma, treat skin superficial pigment diseases such as freckles, coffee spot, age pigment

improve light ageing skin and rough pores, thickening dermis

Technical Parameters:

Laser unit: the top level erbium fiber laser unit


Optical transmission:fiber and handpiece

Output energy:4-80mJ

Laser output mode: sliding mode and fractional mode

Aiming beam:red diode laser

Cooling system: air cooling


★ Adopt the top level erbium fiber laser unit, various handpiece tips make the treatment more convenient

★ Scanning shape, size, fluence, depth are adjustable, doctor can choose different parameters according to different applications and get a better treatment effect

★ Noninvasive treatment,low risk of side effect and hyperpigmentation,especially suitable for dark skin patients

★ Focus under skin, noninvasive on the skin surface, but stronger effect under skin surface, especially in dermis


                      Scanning Head

                      Sliding Head

Treatment Depth

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