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Model KL-R CO2 Fractional Laser Therapy Instrument (60W)



★ Under Fractional Mode

* Removing acne and scar, especially for the acne scar, postoperative scar, frostbite scar

* Removing tiny wrinkles, improving deeper forehead wrinkles and stretch marks

* Improving chloasma, treting skin superficial pigment diseases such as freckles, coffee spot, age pigment

* Improving light aging skin and rough pores, thickening dermis

* Treating nail fungus, plantar warts, ingrown nails, etc.

★ Under Super Pulse Mode

* Cutting skin vegetations:such as warts, nevus, seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous adenoma, syringomas, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Wavelength: 10.6μm

Laser working mode: scanning mode/ultra pulse mode

Output energy/power: scanning mode 2.5-200mJ / ultra pulse mode 0.1-60W

Max.scannning area:20×20mm2 size:0.1mm size:1.8±0.2mm

Min.pulse width:0.01ms

Features of Product

Model KL-R CO2 fractional laser is researched and developed base on Model KL CO2 fractional laser. It retains the features of convenience, stabilization and high efficiency, meanwhile has the extension features of 60W high power and 2mm big spot size. It is more effective for treating scars.

Normal Handpiece

Optional Handpiece

vaginal handpiece or nail fungus handpiece

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