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Model KL-P Nd:YAG Laser Therapy Instrument



◇Stomatology treatment

hypersensitive dentin,decayed tooth prevention, caries tissue removal, root canal disinfection, tooth bleaching, gingivoplasty, gingivectomy, mucous cyst, periodontal pocket curettage,dental ulcer, mucosa white spots and lichen planus, pain relief and anesthesia, TMJDS, etc.

Laser Etching Dentine:the repair material is highly adherent when laser etching and acid etching act simultaneously.

                     Preoperation:dentin surface           Postoperation:laser etching dentine

                        Operating:laser etching                     Operating: acid etching

Hypersensitive Dentin: smear ink to oral mucosa of the root and irradiat laser by noncontact way, the allergy symptoms will improve

         Preoperation: smear ink       Postoperation:color fades on laser irradiation part


◇PLDD treatment of neck,chest, lumbar disc herniation

The principle of PLDD treatment:PLDD technic is one of the best comprehensive minor wounded operation in the world. Under the guidance of CT or Type C arm of X ray, to puncture into marrow core with pricker with diameter of 18G. Guide optical fiber into the marrow core through the pricker to boiloff the marrow core by the energy of laser, form an empty hole subsequently to make negative pressure inside the marrow core, retract the marrow core to its normal position, and release the oppressing to the root of nerve, thereby it could relieve or cure lumbar disk symptom. 

PLDD treatment technique:by using CT with three-dimensional direction finder to scan and monitor during the puncturing process, it makes the puncture target to aim the lumbar organ. The operation cauterizes and gasifies the puncture pot after reaching the target.

The PLDD surgical principle diagram


secretory otitis media, aural pseudocyst, external ear papilloma, simple rhinitis, chronic hypertrophic rhinitis, inferior turbinate hypertrophy, nasal scar adhesion, nosebleed, nasal polyp, nasal cavity angioma, choanal atresia, tonsillectomy, adenoidal hypertrophy, retropharyneal folliculosis, keratosis of pharynx, nasopharynx cancer, rhinopharyngocele,pharyngeal cancer, UPPP,cyst of epiglottis, polyp of vocal coard, vocal nodules, the vocal cyst, laryngeal papilloma, laryngeal hemangioma, laryngectomy, BVCP,etc.

◇ Laser lipolysis

safety, low damage, fast recovery.

a selective role in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and micro-circulatory system reduces damage to normal tissue greatly. After fat dissolved, especially the fat on the abdomen, the sensitivity of insulin is increased to reduce the quantities of fat into blood, decrease glucose, bloodfat, the accumulation of abdominal fat, and smooth the breath, so laser lipolysis doesn't only reduce fat, but also decrease the disease possibility.

Doctors can handle the laser easily according to shape design and no postoperative asymmetry on the face,arms,belly or knees. Laser lipolysis can also repair uneven symptoms caused by traditional liposuction surgery.

◇ Lacrimal duct obstruction

easy to operate, high recovery rate, short operation time, scarless on the incision, minimal invasion, bloodless.

treatment can be repeated and restore the physiological function of lacrimal duct, it is the ideal way of treating lacrimal duct obstructive diseases.

Technical Parameters:

Laser unit:Nd:YAG

Laser wavelength:1064nm

Output power:50-900mJ

Frequency: 5-60Hz

Pulse width:100-150µs

Output mode: continuous wave or timing output

Optical transmission: through optical fiber (¢0.4mm or ¢0.6mm)

Cooling: internal water cooling and external fan cooling



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