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Model KL CO2 Laser Therapy Instrument



It could be used to incise, cauterize, solidify and radiate for tissue of human body. And it is also widely used in plastic department, dermatology, surgery, gynecology, E.N.T.departmnet,and nonnasality departmnet, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Laser wavelength:10.6µm

Laser unit: glass tube (optional RF tube)

Output power: ultra pulse 0.3-15W, peak power 450W, continuous wave 0.3-25W 

Laser output mode:continuous, single pulse, repeat pulse, ultra pulse (optional Pixel laser output mode)

Transmission mode: seven joints longer articulated arm, which can be operated in the scope of r=1.7m)

Handpiece:multiple functional handpiece with two kinds of focal length f=50mm and f=100mm

Optional adaptor: the adaptor for E.N.T. or gynecology 

Operation mode: touch screen with doctor interface and engineer interface

Min. spot size:≤0.1mm

Min. pulse width:0.1ms

The Advantage of Ultra Pulse Compared with Continuous Wave

(Left:continuous wave and Right:ultra pulse)

Handpiece with adjustable spot size, and spot size range is 0.1-2.5mm

This laser therapy instrument can be used to work with microscope and the microscope adapter together to treat E.N.T. diseases

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